.in the beginning of March I took my chance and escaped the depressing Berlin weather for a few months of remote work in a warmer place. Some friends I had met a few months back in Portugal were already located in Fuerteventura on the Canary Islands in Spain and there wasn’t really a way to miss out on the opportunity to go back to a place with palm trees and waves somewhere around the latitude of Morocco.

After a month of just cruising around between the surf spots in the northern part of Fuerteventura such as El Cotillo, one of my favorites, I spent a day with Nerea, Josu and Gorka away from the northern part of the Island.

Even though the battery of my Contax RX decided to die on me the same morning after almost two yers and I had to go almost fully digital, I could still rely on my good ol’ Canon 600D (and my point & shoot).

The other half of this collection is from a small hike on Calderon Hondo (a volcano in Lajares, Fuerteventura) Rike, Irina and, who guessed it, none other than myself went on a week after that.

Enough said – scroll away and enjoy some moody black and white Fuerteventura views from Betancuria, La Oliva and Calderon Hondo (plus my new favorite palm tree shot that I wasn’t able to rob its stunning colours).

Little Update: Here are some shots of the three films that I was able to shoot before my battery said bye bye. (Portra 160, 400 & Ilford HP5Plus for those who might care)

March 2021